Skin Care


I was first introduced to Osmia Organics when it was featured in the January Beauty Heroes Box. I have loved every beauty hero that has been featured so far. If you are looking for a green beauty subscription box I highly recommend Beauty Heroes!


Osmia, as I use it, means “sense of smell”. Every Osmia product is made with utmost attention to the scent and its aromatherapeutic benefits. In a broader sense, it is also a reminder to sense your life. Stop what you are doing and really see the color of the sky. Notice the taste of your coffee, even if it’s the same type you drink every morning. Feel how your child’s hand feels in yours — soft, little, warm. Hear not only the music, but the silence that happens when you turn off the music. Because if we don’t sense our lives, and all the precious beauty that can be found in a regular old day, well that’s really just silly.

osmia organics beauty heroes.jpg


The black clay facial soap is the first product I tried. Perfect to use as a 2nd cleanse or in the am. It was as if it was made for my specific skin type, problem and combination skin! Plus this bar will last me forever.

Their selling soap, made with Black Australian clay and Dead Sea mud to balance and tone the skin.  Organic almond, avocado, and castor bean oils condition the skin, leaving it soft and nourished.  Coconut milk helps make the beautiful, white lather.  This is the soap we recommend for perioral dermatitis. Want to know more about black soap? Read this article!


The purely simple face cream smells absolutely amazing. And I would highly recommend in the pm if you have dry skin! When I first tried the face cream I wasn’t quite sure that it was a great fit for my skin. That is until another green beauty posted a picture mixing the face cream with the rose drops and then applying. VOILA! Like magic the combination was perfection. And my skin absolutely loves it especially after a long day or bath.

This cream for sensitive skin contains simple, pure, plant-sourced ingredients and tiny amounts of the most precious essential oils, to give moisture with very low potential for irritation or adverse reaction. Organic aloe juice soothes irritation, and a small amount of organic, vegetable-derived glycerin helps the skin retain moisture. This cream has a low percentage of oil-based ingredients, which is why we recommend Purely Simple Face Cream for perioral dermatitis (use sparingly over areas of dermatitis).

FOR: Sensitive, reactive, and normal skin.


Sometimes a shower is my only solstice during the day. The citrus pearl soap had such an amazing citrus scent, and it was so much more nourishing that the traditional soap I am used to. I lathered and shaved my legs. My skin was left so smooth!

Organic shea butter and babassu oils combine with silky tapioca powder in a delicious-smelling citrus soap that leaves your skin (and your mood!) soft and sweet.  A touch of mica may add a slight shimmer to your lather, and rosehip seed powder provides very gentle exfoliation.


If you have been following my posts you know I am a sucker for a green body oil. I have to admit my skin was so soft and moisturized after cleansing with the soap I only need a few drops of the body oil:night. It was much thicker than the oils I have tried. Very nourishing you only need a little and it is best used right out of the shower with warm, dewy skin.

Use this oil after an evening shower or bath to encourage peaceful sleep, in addition to extraordinarily soft skin. Made with powerful, organic essential oils of lavender and roman chamomile, plus a beautiful, wild atlas cedar oil, Night Body Oil is incredible for use at bedtime. This expertly crafted blend, when combined with a stable evening pattern, such as a bath, a book, and a candle, should send you into a drifting bliss. Especially lovely when used with the Recovery Salt Bath and the Lavender Shea soap.

FOR: All skin types



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