Skin Care


I was so excited to find a luxury skincare line that caters to your facial needs as your skin changes with the seasons. It always is a bit of a struggle and takes some time before my face eventually adjusts. Since going green my face has fallen in love with facial oils. And finding a facial oil that caters to my skins needs, well let’s just say 5YINA won me over!


5YINA products are synergistically formulated to capture and reflect the essence of each season. We experience fluctuating changes to our mind and body with the variance in temperature, light, and humidity throughout the year. We believe skincare rituals should be adjusted seasonally, much like how we dress and eat according to the seasons. Our products are specifically created to allow the skin to adapt and remain at its optimal vitality when transitioning with seasonal changes.


I started with the Winter Beauty Oil. The scent is addicting and intoxicating! It is nourishing without being too heavy. I am loving every single drop of this amazing facial oil. Did I have to try the others? I did and they were just as amazing! And as the seasons change I will continue to use every last drop of these oils. They are everything you would look for from a moisturizer and so much more!

5YINA Quiescent Beauty Oil is luxuriously crafted with a synergistic complex of 24 potent bioactives and super antioxidant seed oils to deeply nourish and restore winter skin. Suitable for all skin types especially during the winter, this rich and sensual beauty oil is concentrated with rare and high-performing phytonutrients to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, restore elasticity and rejuvenate damaged skin. Regular use yields a smooth, supple and luminous complexion.

5YINA Enlighten Beauty Oil is infused with 24 herbal bio-actives to protect and soothe the skin as it emerges from winter to spring. 5YINA’s Enlighten proprietary botanical complex includes adaptogens that help to balance and stabilize springtime skin. This concentrated beauty oil contains micronutrients and antioxidants to boost energy, restore elasticity, and bring luminosity to the skin with daily use.

5YINA Grace Beauty Oil is luxuriously crafted with a synergistic complex of 24 super antioxidant seed oils and bioactives that are highly compatible with the skin. This aromatic proprietary botanical complex includes high-performance botanicals to help improve skin elasticity and strengthen the skin during the transitional time of autumn.  Regular use yields a youthful, supple and radiant complexion.

An herbaceous lightweight facial oil, 5YINA Lucent Beauty Oil​ contains 24 bio-active ingredients that balance, purify and soothe summertime skin.  Our proprietary Lucent botanical complex contains phytonutrients that help to lightly hydrate, minimize appearance of pores and protect skin from inflammation. Regular use produces a dewy, glowing complexion.



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