I’ve always been a bit of a hair junkie. Always on the hunt for the best products to give me volume and allow me to go a few days in between washes.

Conventional shampoo and conditioner, and hair care products in general I found out contain TONS of toxins that cause cancer and reek havok on your body.

So I’m not shocked that I get asked pretty frequently what green shampoo and conditioner I recommend. On the flip side I’ve also had a lot of people mentioned the green products they have tried have left them with much to be desired.

I have a wide variety of green haircare products now. Three sets of different shampoos and conditioners, dry shampoo, hair oil, hair balm, curl serum, detangler and hairspray.

With my toxic products I had the best results alternating to avoid buildup so I just assumed it would be the same with my new non-toxic products. I began alternating and mixing all my products. It wasn’t bad per se but I didn’t feel like I was getting AMAZING results. BIG MISTAKE with the non-toxic products you need to stick to ONE  at a time allow your hair a few uses to get used to it…..and then voila I had great results.


That is why this review is labeled Pt. 1. I will be exclusively using and reviewing each item one by one until they run out.

1st up is my Rahua volumizing shampoo and conditioner, I purchased mine online from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar. (There is usually a promo code floating around, last one I used was Organicbunny10, which saves first time customers at checkout). I think Amazon also sells it!

This is better than my toxic high end volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I’m talking your hair is bouncy after drying and so nourished I don’t have to straighten it. I don’t have to apply any serums or oils before or after and I can go DAYS without washing my hair. At least three before there is even a hint of grease.

This is an absolute winner in my book and if you are looking to make the switch I highly recommend it!


Next I will be reviewing Josh Rosebrook followed by innersense organics and then I will review the additional enhancement products.



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