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Get rid of acne once and for all. For those struggling with cystic acne, you know all to well this can be a cumbersome battle. Thankfully due to my recent change in diet, aka paleo, I haven’t, knock on wood, had any major outbreaks. My hormonal acne though still haunts me. And when I do divulge in fried foods and sugar, it loves to rear it’s ugly head. I have read and seen numerous testimonials that ditching the dermatologist medications and going green in itself for your skincare and diet can be a huge progression in the right direction. But we want the best don’t we?

With most reviews I save the best for last, and I just can’t. I love it all. So today I am mixing it up and going in chronological order! And as I was finishing this post I couldn’t help but think… antibiotics if you don’t want to miss something and have it come rearing it’s ugly head. You should probably just finish it! Cause there is a lot of good stuff here and you betcha you will thank me after.


Celestyna created moss, Modern. Organic. Sacred. Skincare, specifically for rebel skin so that we all may see the same things when we look in the mirror: bliss, beauty and radiance. It is truly a luxury, organic skincare line that harnesses the power of Nature + bliss + ritual to create and sustain beauty. Not only are moss solutions extremely effective, gentle and completely chemical and toxin-free, but they are indulgent and beautiful. It is unique in that it does not provide a blanket solution for the catch-all term “acne,” but provides specialized solutions depending on the type of acne symptoms presented, offering specificity unprecedented in both the beauty and green beauty industries.

After seeing rave reviews from a few of my fellow green beauties and taking a peek at the products I knew I needed to get my hands on some. My packages arrived with an amazingly delicious chocolate, tee, instruction cards and beautifully created products. After just a “taste” of what moss has to offer, I had to have more. I was hooked! You know you’ve found a truly great line when every product works wonders from the very first use. I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for instant gratification. And moss did not disappoint. It is such a decadent and effective ritual for the mind, body and soul.



You only need 1 drop of zen physic to kick a zit’s booty to the curb! It is a beautiful turquoise-hued, herbal scented treatment for healing blemishes, minimizing breakouts, shrinking cysts and preventing scarring with purifying need and yarrow. Occasionally I get “underground zits,” more common though is clogged pores around my nose and I wake up with the dreaded “red bump”. Yes I do have concealer to hide it. Heck I have green, non-toxic organic concealer to hide it. I would rather just get ride of it though. Better yet I would like it not to return! This is the first product I have ever used that actually worked overnight and on top of it working (reducing inflammation, and redness) it healed my skin. This was a totally new experience for me! Perk, best results are actually with continued use on healthy skin with other moss oil intensifs or facial oils followed with Nutrient Synergist Absorbing Fluid to help keep your skin clear!


Sacred ground is the ultimate wonder mask. One of the many things I love about all of her products, and this one is no exception, is they are designed to heal AND treat your skin. It is designed to help soothe and detoxify congested skin whilst minimizing existing blemishes and bumps. Powerful enough to be used once a week or as a spot treatment. Celestyna currently uses it to cleanse her skin in the evenings. My favorite way to use sacred ground is to create the “Shrek Mask,” where you mix sacred ground with zen physic to make a magical green mask that will transform your skin! It not only is great for current acne, keeping acne at bay, it also helps to draw out sebum. You know those pin like dots over your nose, upper cheeks, chin and/or forehead, when pressure is applied they pop out like whitish spike? She has a full blog just dedicated to this and blackheads!


Renewal matrix is designed to heal damaged skin, lighten hyper-pigmentation and diminish scarring and signs of aging. I have scarring around my chin from previous hormonal acne bouts. That plus my tanning days has left me with uneven skin tone. I use this in combination with my my moss intensifs or facial oils. I have already had a noticeable difference! I like to use zen physic first or my shrek mask (zen physic + sacred ground) and follow with renewal matrix. They are made to be used together. I have also learned that mixing your serums/oil intensifs/facial oils in an anointing bowl and applying after you cleansing, followed by an absorbing fluid helps your face absorb the most of everything! That means I have stopped cleansing, toning then layering on serums, oils, and lotions. We are constantly evolving, and so should our skincare routine! We did after all once think the world was flat. I subscribed to the moss blog, and I can say out of all the emails I receive everyday this is one I very much so look forward to reading and learning new ways to pamper my face and body!

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Miel noir was actually gifted to me by, Ali aka thecleangreenscene, one of my fellow green beauties on Instagram! She was actually the one who introduced me to the magic of everything moss. So I guess I owe it all to her, and Celestnya for creating it. It is the perfect morning cleanser!

I honestly think she describes it best…

It is a gentle pH balanced cleanser that is neither powder nor oil – more of a lotion or gel.

It is a beautiful soap free cleanser that does not disturb the delicate pH balance of the skin. It is very mild and perfect as a morning cleanser. Smells very subtle like earth and hay and rain.

Raw honey and perilla oil target bacteria, activated charcoal and castor bean oil draw impurities from the skin, apple cider vinegar and honey enzymes encourage gentle exfoliation while maintaining the skin’s ideal pH balance and arrowroot decreases inflammation while sloughing dirt and dead skin cells. Hyssop andSugandh Mantri oils heal both injury and emotional stress. They are also anti-inflammatory and fight infections.

White willow bark extract fights bacteria and gently exfoliates, while wasabi extract provides powerful antioxidant benefits.

A great morning cleanser, very gentle. Does not leave skin dried out!

Simply wet face, massage a generous dollop of cleanser over wet skin, then rinse.



Ever since going green I have been a sucker for honey masks. I love how nourishing they are. And with two kids running around you can leave them on your skin as long as you want and it only gets better! Beurre celeste is the first solid, decadent balm, honey cleanser I have tried. So nice that a little bit goes such a long way. There is a huge value here. You only need a little bit to lightly coat skin. Massage well, loosening dirt and oil plugs. As with all of her products this is a double feature! Nourish your skin and help clear it. This is part of the founder, Celestyna’s current skincare routine and ritual. (Keep in mind this line is made to be customized to your individual skin type.) For her skin in the evenings she cleanses with sacred ground and follows with beurre celeste.



On her blog post, where to begin with moss skincare, she outlines that a facial oil is the best investment for a single product. And I honestly couldn’t agree more! My face has never looked or felt better since switching to oils vs conventional or even green moisturizers. So if you are going to start your moss journey make sure you have an amazing facial oil or better yet do what I did and switch to clear resolution. A little bit goes a long way especially if you are using the moss oil intensifs like I am for a more specific targeting of skin issues.

The keystone of the world’s only luxury, 100% pure + natural and botanically powered holistic acne resolution collection. This is the perfect daily oil serum to use for balancing sebum production, unclogging pores, reducing inflammation and minimizing breakouts.



I have many, high end, luxury, expensive, green beauty balms I had already purchased and love. And I still had to have moss salvation. Most of the time it is so easy for us to spend money making our bodies inside and out worse……booze, late nights, junk food, nice dinners, cab rides home, that we know are bad for us. Then it is easy to spend money reversing it. Anti-aging creams, facials, botox, the gym, detox kits, fad diets etc. You see where I am going with this right? That is why I splurged to try the moss balm, and I am so happy I did. It is an intensely nourishing, skin clearing, skin rejuvenating night treatment. Amazing for both anti-aging and anti-acne.



This was an absolute game changer for me! This is the 2nd must have and I couldn’t agree more. So if it is down to two to start it would be clear resolution and nutrient synergist. Why?

It is what I call an “absorbing essence.” Skin needs both waters and oils to be properly and fully hydrated and healthy. Oils do a great job of keeping water from leaving the skin, or helping to preserve and support barrier function (which is weak in many people who suffer from acne), BUT if your skin is really dry and wrecked (from all that washing and benzoyl peroxide use  – yikes!) then you need to give it some hydric (water-based) hydration in addition to the oil. Unfortunately, just putting plain ol’ water on your face will NOT do. In fact, that will leave it even more dry.

NS has no water in it, just hydrosols. Hydrosols are the holographic water essence that is the result of steam distilling plants. Hydrosols contain all of the healing compounds from the plant. It also has INCREDIBLY gentle and non-irritating exfoliation from pumpkin bioferment, and LOADS of anti-inflammatory compounds. NS also has liposomes to help your skin absorb nutrients better.  You can use it before or after your face oil. Use itbefore if your skin is dry, use it after if your skin is oily or if you want to minimize the greasy feel a face oil can leave behind for a few minutes while it fully absorbs.


Because who doesn’t want added antioxidants and nutrition! Unveiling fluid smooths skin texture and tone, giving skin a fresh healthy glow. This is like the holy grail for firm, glowing, youthful skin! You will thank me when you take pictures the next morning.

A powerful overnight anti-aging/acne repair serum. Non-comedogenic. Natural, organic ingredients. 


This is the most gentle and effective green brightening masks! If you’ve found others too harsh I would definitely recommend trying moss’s harvest illumine if you are looking for a radiant glow. You leave it on you skin, keeping it moist, for only 5-7 min at first, gradually working up to longer if desired.  Quick, easy, and effective, yes please!



Equilibrium harmonizing lightweight serum is designed to holistically address the full spectrum of acne-prone skin challenges especially blemishes and shine. This can be applied alone to clean skin, am or pm, or both. I like to mix it in my anointing bowl with additional moss serums or oils to avoid over-saturating skin with multiple layers of products.



Didn’t I promise I wouldn’t save the best for last? Okay maybe there isn’t a best but just like your children, you absolutely do not have a favorite and love them equally but each has something that you love most about them individually! Since going green I have fallen head over heals in love with oil cleansers. They are the best nighttime cleanser, makeup remover and nourishment all in one. So I had to have vert pur.

Oil Cleansing is a great way to deeply purify and cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils or causing stress, dryness and sebum imbalance. I was an instant convert, but this method is not for everyone. See instructions below if you think it might be for you. The trick is to do it correctly and most of the time, issues arise from not having the proper blend of oils, which I have ensured is not the case with Vert Pur. It contains ideal ratios of ideal oils.















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