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Who doesn’t love a great oil for your body and hair especially as the seasons change! I’ve always had hair oil and body oil in my bathroom. A little bit of hair oil to keep frizz at bay after straightening. And body oil to keep my legs looking silky smooth in the summer. Just like almost everything else in my house. What I thought was good for my skin and hair was hiding all sorts of toxins so out it went. The hunt began for a green beauty alternative.


Prim Botanicals line is completely natural, so it’s not only good for your skin, it’s good for you. The owners are just as sweet and beautiful as their products!


The green beauties are all buzzing about this hair oil. So this is where my love affair with Prim began. It can be used so many ways and I have tried them all! Kennedy’s swim every day kick, left my scalp on fire. I warmed a bit of the oil up and literally poured it on my head, drenching my scalp and hair completely. Tied it up in a bun, put a face mask on, my teeth whitening in, sat back, relaxed and let all of the nutrients sink in. When I washed it out my hair was so incredibly smooth. If I had a never ending supply of this hair oil and time I would make it a nighty ritual it was that good. Most often I put a little on the ends of my hair for an hour or so before I wash my hair. I think because of this I don’t need to apply much if any after drying my hair. It literally has transformed my hair itself. Usually my thin, sort of curly hair is very unruly after I dry it. Lately I haven’t had to pull out my straightener. I also no longer fear the rain!


I always like to save the best for last. I have been searching for a body oil that is the perfect balance of nourishment and glow and this one nailed it. Best applied after a warm shower when your skin is warm and damp. The amazing scent is enough to make me swoon. I have had two kiddos so I was exceptionally excited to see the toning benefits and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It is now a bathroom staple. My legs are looking better and better every day!



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